9 iPad Apps that work with low Internet Access
Posted on December 30th, 2016


 ​Here are 9 apps for the low or NO Internet classroom:
(Links are available to all apps through the title above)Explain Everything This amazing screencasting tool lets students demonstrate their thinking while creating short video clips.
[9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom -min] Book Creator Kids can create their own stories and publish books with this awesome app. Students can combine images, video, text and their own voice.
Popplet Lite Students can make their own graphic organizers with this easy to use iPad app. It’s perfect for concept mapping and planning writing in any content area.
The Solar System A powerful app on the Solar System, the Touchpress apps work great offline after the initial download.
Thinglink This app lets users add tags to different images. Students can place text or notes on top of different parts of a picture to explain what is happening or share information.
Number Pieces All of the apps from the Math Learning Center are great choices for classrooms with inconsistent Internet access. Students can use these math manipulative apps throughout the school day.
iBooks The iBooks library is perfect for storing PDFs for offline reading. You can learn more about this in an upcoming post, just sign up for a reminder.
Toontastic This free iPad app lets students create movies anytime, anywhere – including offline. It’s a favorite app for collaborative projects on a shared screen.
Foldify With this super cool app teachers and students can create their own three dimensional figures. It’s a great choice for classroom learning about geometric figures.
The only obstacle to keep in mind in a low or no internet classroom is searching for photos to use within these apps. For example if you’re looking to add images to a Book Creator project stick with student snapshots, illustrations, or pictures that have already been saved to the iPad Photo Library.

Full link: http://classtechtips.com/2016/05/13/9-apps-for-the-low-or-no-internet-classroom/

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