Google Classroom

Here are some links to great resources to get you running. 

Here is a video to get started in Google Classroom. Click here.

Here is a 30 minute Slides presentation all about Google Classroom. It gives a lot of information.... The nice part is that you can go back and watch it again at a later time.
This is a short list of the top five things to do with Classroom. It is a great way to know where to start or once you have started, where the next step may be. 
Click to read.
Here is a link to different Google Classroom Videos from an overview to updates at the bottom. Great resource.  Google Videos.
Here is a website from Kern Kelly that has Google Form Templates. I thought I would put this here so when you are ready to try some self-graded forms,  you can try these.
Here is an odd one but I threw it in because we are all different learners.... Google Classroom in quick  screenshots. High School Teachers, your students may like this. Check this out. It is a looping "video."
This is more advanced, but you can add forms into Assignments in Google Classroom. This is a quick overview of how to do it. It is not hard, but it is not the most straight-forward either. I am hoping in upcoming versions, they will find a way to integrate Google Forms into Google Classroom.  Here is the link to the "handout."

You can find information on Twitter at:
​@GoogleForEdu   or ​  @gafesummit   or   ​@googledrive  (and many others)