iPad Accessibility

Accessibility is not always for one person... sometimes it can benefit more.

Here is a link to Apple's Accessibility page with descriptions of all of the embedded features -- including the new Magnifier. 
Below are some screenshots of my top three features I use the most. I actually use the Speak Selection from time to time. 

There are many people that may never need these features in your classrooms. That is great. This is for the one percent of students that need that extra boost to keep up with the rest of the class. iPads are built-in with many features to help make the iPad more accessible to all.

This is the Accessibility page in iOS-- There are many settings you can change to customize the experience.
accessibility features page screenshot
Speak Selection is good to help students read articles or current events online. This is great for struggling readers or those who are learning new words.
Guided Access was designed to help keep young students on task or in an app until it was time to leave the app. It is also good for online assessments. It can prevent "Googling" for answers.
Accessibility Apps:
Here's an Article with ones I have never seen
​Hello, my name is Jonathan Chacón, I am blind and I am developer for Tyflos Accessible Software.  I like strategy games instead action games..  I published four accessible games..  They are accessible for blind, visual impaired, deaf and other disability profiles. I believe in universal design concept and I am working with it for all of my projects. You can find my accessible apps in the AppStore.