iPad classroom Integration

So I have these iPads... now what?

Top Tips for Teachers--
Teachers count lack of personal competence with technology, lack of time, fear of the unknown or fear of technology’s impact on teaching, lack of trust in students and self, and no time for troubleshooting among the top barriers to technology integration.
  • Try and use technology. Start small, with small groups, basic research, supplemental learning activities, and quizzes to check for understanding.
  • Treat the use of technology as you would planning any lesson. Teachers should teach explicitly and provide parameters for the technology’s use.
  • Teach digital citizenship by setting the example. Students will model the behavior their teacher displays, like checking a phone in class.
  • Unplug your lessons sometimes. Create a balance between the use of technology and turning the technology off. Unplugged lessons can be incredibly powerful. Downing often uses an unplugged lesson to teach his students about digital citizenship, and then follows it up the next day with a tech-focused lesson to reinforce the concept.
  • Give yourself “risk-free” opportunities. Have a growth mindset and don’t be afraid to fail. Tell students they are going to pilot a new lesson that day, and students will be enthusiastic while the teacher is able to try something new and gauge how the lesson works.
To view the archived webinar, visit the edWeb Digital Citizenship community.
As Stations (math, literacy...)
As an option to Desktop/Laptop research or reading
Independent reading- Overdrive
Small Group Work
Creation Station -- assess for understanding
Giving Presentations -- Keynote app