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If you ask me about apps for Special Needs or younger students, I will usually direct you to this site. Smart Apps For Kids is based out of Austrailia, I believe, but they post free and reduced apps for the United States as well. They review apps and sometimes even have videos associated with them. WARNING: if you like an app, you need to move on it. Because they are half way around the world, you cannot wait until nighttime to try to purchase these apps, they will have already expired. This is a DAYTIME exercise. It is worth it, especially if you can get something for free. 

They also have a daily email newsletter. (I have been getting it for years.) You do not have to sign up but the email will remind you to look. Free App Friday is the big event of the week. 

Yes, there is an app for that.

Believe it or not, there is a free app that helps you find free apps. It is called Apps Gone Free. Again, I have been using this for YEARS. This app shows you approximately five apps that are free that day. They can range from real games to productivity tools, to educational apps. If they are at the TOP of the list, they will remain free longer. If they are on the bottom of the list, they will expire at midnight. (Years of missing the good ones...) Every so often you can find a real gem on the list. I have gotten $40 and $50 apps for free as well as my favorite app Notability free. Yet, sometimes, I have purchased nothing (even though they are free.)
They have a website (I didn't know that!) so here is the link.
Apps... there are hundreds of thousands of apps. Here are a few.