QR Code Creator

What is a QR Code and what do you do with it?

A QR Code is a Quick Response code that allows an app on a device to take you to a place or give you information. They are on your milk containers, movie posters, and many other places. 

In the classroom, they can be your best friend and can be used for helping navigate young students to a site when they complete their work or sending students on a scavenger hunt for clues.
Here is an image of a QR Code that will take you to my favorite QR Creator -- QR stuff. 

So how does this work?

In a nutshell--
Decide what you would like the students to "get" when they scan their code. Do you want them to get text (just words) or a Youtube Video, or a website? Most of the time it is a website. (Scavenger hunts, it can be text as well.)

Go to the website QRSTUFF.com (or scan the code above.)  You should open up another tab and find the website you want them to go to and paste it into the website line in the QR Stuff page. You will see that the little boxes on the QR Code changes. 

Go ahead and change the color if you want and then download it and, if you want, put it in a Word document with directions or a TITLE. 
TIDBITS: Put a title on the QR Code, because Codes all look alike once you print them. In a day, you will never remember what the code is for unless you keep scanning it.

Color code your Codes-- If you have literacy groups, color code the reading levels, or maybe the colors are for Social Studies, Science, Math... Hang the Codes on the wall and use them for research prompts and places you want students to go to.
Another option I was told about was QR Codes for Parents. Many Parents have devices at home with a webcam or camera. Add a QR code with a link to video resources for Homework, or the School Performance, or something cool to get them talking about the codes. Eventually QR Codes can become part of their life as well. 
My Favorite QR Creator